What can we be the best in the world at saskatchewan

Building websites.

We can be the best in the world at building websites if we start teaching people younger and younger to build websites. Recently at Strategy Lab’s Big Idea Camp, someone asked if an elementary student could come, our response? Why not?

On competitiveness of Saskatchewan in the future, rather than sending our technical jobs overseas or out of province, we want to train the next generation of business folks at the youngest age possible. Born is Cupcakes & Websites: a Canadian High School Company. An affordable way to get a website and to keep it maintained.

In the future we’ll be the best at something. Maybe it’s websites! Maybe it’s not!

We’re giving students the chance to learn a skillset that will increase in value over time. We push our team to shoot for their personal best because that’s all we can expect. As long as you never become the “expert” you’ll never fall into the trap of “I don’t need to learn anymore”.

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