Street Sign

You’re fricking thweet!

Have you ever been on the 13th Ave?  If not you better check it out! It’s not only one of Regina’s tourist attractions, but also a place where you feel like home with every local business you visit! All of these businesses on the 13th Ave tell a story. Located in the heart of Regina, 13th Ave is a work of art sculpted by the people, who saw the opportunity in such a location that is great for business. It’s also a place where you as customer can find everything you need for your everyday needs from delicious cheeses, to some amazing Dessart Sweets, and (somewhere out of this Galaxy, near Mercury) burgers that will make you remember the first time you have tasted that amazing thing called a ” Burger”.

Not interested in the amazing local restaurants the 13th Ave because you spent all your money on big franchises that were too expensive and didn’t even taste that good? No need to frown, there’s lots you can do for free! 13th ave has some of the coolest spots to take that perfect selfie that you so desperately need, because your old profile picture is outdated!

Where you may ask? WELL right on the street!! it doesn’t take  much to stroll down the street and see some amazing graffiti that is going to boost up your “like” count, and who doesn’t feel like a celebrity with a a masterpiece behind their back, all for free!

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