The Modern Day Picasso


As time progresses it becomes easier and easier to find a job or even create one in the field of Web design and digital art. You probably know people who do this or it can even be you. If you are a web designer or developer then you probably know the breathtaking, blood pumping, sweet sweet satisfaction of creating something beautiful from scratch. However how many times have you or one of your friends been called the modern day Picasso or Da Vinci? Probably very little to none, why though? We are all creators simply in different time frames. We all take a blank canvas, whether it be a literal canvas or a blank web page, and put a piece of our mind and sole existence into it. In the same way both artists approach the masterpiece step by step. Everything from the light strokes/initial lines of html code, to the shading of the different parts on the canvas/the proportionate design of the headers and footers.


Now I know that you are thinking “But anyone can go online, find templates and create a website”, and I completely understand that, I mean I am an 18 year old doing this. But back in Picasso’s time anyone could go out and buy a canvas, paint brushes and paint and try to create a masterpiece and even though that person would be a painter, they could never be Picasso. They could be better or worse (if those measurements even exist in the world of art) but never Picasso. Same way any person of any age nowadays can go online and build a website, but it is when you push yourself to be a “Picasso” or a “Dali” when you really shine. After all the painters of yesterday are the web designers of today.

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