stop overpaying for websites

Do you get billed every time you ask to edit your website? Does your website company dodge your phone calls? Are you paying miscellaneous fees for no apparent reason? Stop it, call Cupcakes & Websites!

Is it difficult to update pictures, video and text on your website? Does it cost you every time you update a page, picture, or text? Updating your website shouldn’t be a task, we’re here to help!

You don’t have to pay ridiculous amounts of money for a “custom website management system”, instead go with what works. Over a quarter of the Internet’s websites are build on WordPress.  You too can join the likes of The, SaskPower, and even was build on WordPress.

WordPress keeps development cost down, there are more plugins developed for WordPress daily, and people can support your website all over the world. It’s a smart long term decision to get on to WordPress, get a site and literally do what you want with it.

Cupcakes and Websites

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