Everybody knows that technology gets smarter every single day, even today Google has just released a preview of the newest smart robot system that calls and schedules meetings for you. This “google assistant” will adapt to all of your needs and schedules to whenever both parties can attend! Along with technology- the modern social media world is also constantly evolving. Sites like Facebook, Instagram etc, are all getting smarter and with that the algorithms to recieve top engangement are getting more and more complicated with each update.

What Are some Of The New Instagram algorithms 

Top 10%: 

Quick Response Time: Yes! Quick response matters now! Instagram wants all of the responses to be within one hour now, lack of response or slow response time will lead to less visibility.

Length of Engagement: No more two word comments! Responses now to all comments must be three or more words. Emojis are not doing it anymore! Real comments are the only way for real engagement must occur.

Hashtag Overload:  With the new Instagram Algorithm you are not allowed to post 30 hashtags anymore, Instagram does not look at hashtags as your comment engagement anymore and is only limiting you to 5 hashtags. Therefore you must be really specific with your hashtags and make sure that they actually apply to the content.

Engaging Stories:  Nobody likes the Fancies that make a million Instagram stories, but they are the geniuses of our time. With the new Instagram Update, Instagram sees how you engage with people and your surroundings, and by posting stories it makes you look real and engaging so Instagram boosts your visibility. I’m not saying spam your account with stories, but post one or two whenever you posted a picture or a video.

Stop the live edits: We all like to post a nice picture and see the likes and comments stroll in, but sometimes in the hurry, we don’t focus on our caption and make a simple error. Now that simple error matters, the new Instagram Algorithm will perceive any edits as negative, which will lead to your post having decreased visibility. How can you avoid that? it is better to delete the post and try again and avoid the algorithm.

What can I learn from this?

The more engagement you have and the more engagement you give the more visible your posts are to the community and the bigger is the reach.

Bonus Tip: Did you know you can now schedule posts directly to Instagram, as well as your other social media networks?

How does the Cupcake team deal with Instagram Algorithm?

The Cupcake team takes on algorithms very seriously.  We have a group chat that is designated to provide outcalls to whenever something is posted on personal profiles, and client profiles. Well, what the heck does that mean? Basically whenever we post we say “like Perogie” or “like Mish’ and within 5 mins well have 10 likes which are already the first 10% and the rest of our Instagram following can see it right away. What we suggest you do is if you have a group of friends create a group chat and help each other with liking and commenting as fast as you can!


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