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do what you can't

Do What You Can't

I freakin' love the Samsung tag line and commercial here. "Do what you can't".  While looking for viral videos to show in class I found this amazing number with a positive message I love to boot! The tagline at the end of the video is…
The Largest Canadian Google Analytics Study Ever Done-2

The Largest Canadian Google Analytics Study Ever Done!

You're right, it may not be the largest in history but it's the biggest we have ever done! We monitor over 100 different websites on a regular bases. For this study we wanted to compare data from 2015 to 2016. Over those, only 57 qualified (had…

The New Gem of Albert Street!

Purrfect afternoon everybody! Have you heard about the new gem of Albert Street? If you just said no, well than prepare to be amazed! Excalipurr Cat Cafe! Excalipurr Cat Cafe is one big family, who love what they do! The story of Excalipurr…

The Modern Day Picasso

The Modern Day Picasso As time progresses it becomes easier and easier to find a job or even create one in the field of Web design and digital art. You probably know people who do this or it can even be you. If you are a web designer or…
Street Sign

Sweetest street in Regina!

You're fricking thweet! Have you ever been on the 13th Ave?  If not you better check it out! It's not only one of Regina's tourist attractions, but also a place where you feel like home with every local business you visit! All of these businesses…
What can we be the best in the world at saskatchewan

What Can Saskatchewan Be The Best In The World At?

Building websites. We can be the best in the world at building websites if we start teaching people younger and younger to build websites. Recently at Strategy Lab's Big Idea Camp, someone asked if an elementary student could come, our response?…
stop overpaying for websites

Do You Have a Case of Website Over-payitus?

Do you get billed every time you ask to edit your website? Does your website company dodge your phone calls? Are you paying miscellaneous fees for no apparent reason? Stop it, call Cupcakes & Websites! Is it difficult to update pictures,…