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5 SEO Tricks We Wish We Knew As Beginners!

1)Providing pictures With Link Text and Ult Text   I know right!? this isn't hard to do, but that's something I have never done when creating a website for a customer. Of course now with more experience I know what to do and my SEO has…
Insta Icons

Instagram School is in Session

The other day, Misha and I (Dre) got to go and present our take on the new Instagram algorithm to a client's office, here are the props:   A slide show that has all of the main points down, precise, and with hints of humour!!…

How Cupcakes take on the Instagram Algorithms

Everybody knows that technology gets smarter every single day, even today Google has just released a preview of the newest smart robot system that calls and schedules meetings for you. This "google assistant" will adapt to all of your needs…
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do what you can't

Do What You Can't

I freakin' love the Samsung tag line and commercial here. "Do what you can't".  While looking for viral videos to show in class I found this amazing number with a positive message I love to boot! The tagline at the end of the video is…
The Largest Canadian Google Analytics Study Ever Done-2

The Largest Canadian Google Analytics Study Ever Done!

You're right, it may not be the largest in history but it's the biggest we have ever done! We monitor over 100 different websites on a regular bases. For this study we wanted to compare data from 2015 to 2016. Over those, only 57 qualified (had…