Big Idea Camp Regina!

Ted Talk style learning + amazing race style challenges = the best summer camp for grade 9-12 students ever. EVER!!!

Started in 2015 by Jordan McFarlen and Jeph Maystruck, Big Idea Camp has grown into a yearly event that attracts some of the best business minds in the high school system. In year one we had 8 students, last year we had 16 (even two from Calgary!) along with 16 community partners we’re very excited for Big Idea Camp 4.

We take the TWO best parts of school: 1-field trips, and 2-competitions and mash them together for one amazing week of fun! Our home base is the Strategy Lab office at 2151 Albert St but we don’t stay their long! We go down 13th Avenue for a scavenger hunt, downtown to the farmers market, over to the Conexus head office and this year for the first time ever we will be partnering with Folk Festival for a challenge in Victoria Park!

We are BIG fans of Regina and we want to show students more of the city we love. From a Leopold’s lunch to a tour of Wascana Lake on a Segway, Big Idea Camp is a week of fun competitions all over the Queen City.

My Experience As  Big Idea Camp 3.0 Winner!

To me big idea camp was an unknown land! Even tough I heard a lot of good things about Big Idea Camp Regina, I was still scared, as a I didn’t know what to expect from it! Would I have to step out of my comfort zone? Would people like me? Will I fit in? and is it even worth spending a week at a camp, when I could be working and trying to make some money? At first the current answer to me  was, Im too old for a camp and I should try and find a job somewhere. With all of those thoughts in my head, I have to say that THANK GOD I applied  for Big Idea 2.0 Regina! The first day was amazing, everybody is friendly, outgoing, and are willing to learn from great people! The days weren’t long, we started around 9 am and ended at 4 pm, of course lunch and snacks were provided! We learned from a lot of great people and that spiced up big Idea Camp! ( I cant tell you what we did so I don’t spoil it) But one thing I would like to end with is, Sign up for Big Idea camp 3.0 as you are going to learn so much and meet so many great people that will help you go a long way, and this is coming from a person that used to be shy and quiet!