Once again, it’s that dreaded time of year. Summer is coming to an end, and school is about to start. Some people like school, but if you’re part of the 75% who really dislikes school, you might need some tips on how to make this school year the best ever!

Number One! – Join a club or sports team

Joining a school club or sports team helps you to meet new people that you may not have met before. Being social is human nature and is really good for mental health! Plus, joining a club or team gives you something to look forward to when you go to school every day!

Number Two! – Participate in fine arts

Making art is fun and expressive! Art isn’t only limited to drawing and colouring. Other forms of art include acting, sculpting, and singing/band. Choose something that interests you so that you can express your emotions in a fun and creative way.

Number Three! – Befriend your teachers

Your teachers may seem scary at first, but if you get to know them, you’ll know that they are humans just like you! If you get to know your teachers, they can help you out in difficult times, or explain a difficult lesson to you!

Back to School

Good Luck!

Now that you know some tips to make this year the best ever, good luck with school and remember to do your best!

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