About Us

Started by StratLab as a way to offer meaningful on-the-job experience to students, a create more innovative ways to build websites, and generate better methods of training for future Stratlabbers, born was Cupcakes & Websites.

Run by high school students, our goal is to generate fresh ideas while developing the people who develop your website.

When you see how the younger generation interacts with technology, it’s inspiring. They do things us older folk couldn’t even imagine. If we inspire students to learn a skillset that makes them very valuable in the workforce for years to come, we are helping our community on several levels.

“Why not create the Silicon Valley of the Prairies?”

As a company that started out of Regina, Saskatchewan, we would like to make our mark here in the city we love. Why not create the Silicon Valley of the Prairies? Why not create the best entrepreneurial hotbed in Canada? After all, entrepreneurship could be the biggest exporter in Saskatchewan in the next decade. We’re literally creating the future of our community.

We’ll start small and humble and grow to be large and courageous.

If we don’t define our limits, we’ll surprise ourselves with what we can accomplish.

Want to come along for the ride?

Lets goooooo-ooo-oooo!!!


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