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1)Providing pictures With Link Text and Ult Text 

 I know right!? this isn’t hard to do, but that’s something I have never done when creating a website for a customer. Of course now with more experience I know what to do and my SEO has gotten a lot better!Cupcakes&Websites Help SEO



Alltop! My rainy day saviour!

Linking – Linking is probably one of the best and easiest ways to increase your domain authority and visibility. All you do is literarily go to any websites that has a blog section, read the blog and leave a comment with ur website link in it. Google sees this as you are being active and recognizes your website for it and makes you rank better in Google!





 Inserting Picture/logo juice on to all of the websites  – How do you get peoples attention now? By pictures of course! Human’s attention span on an object is around 7 seconds, but if its flashy and its a picture thats going to be a lot more! SO WHAT DO WE DO?  Insert images and link them back to the website!


 Optimal Hearing Regina by Cupcakes&Websites                                         The Junction by Cupcakes&Websites






Writing Blog posts On A Weekly Basis  – My Ultimate FAVOURITE THING TO DO!  Writing isn’t hard, you just gotta do a little bit of research, find some images, and write your heart out on the issue or the actual process of something, even if other people have already written about it you still can too! Google sees this as an activity boost, sees that your page keeps growing which means your business is legit!

cupcakes&Websites Blog post



These are not hard to do! You can do them! We never know how much it will help, but all we know is… that it will!




Whenever in doubt use MOZ!

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